Get There, Love Here
Get There, Love Here

Are you ready for

authentic success?

Are you ready for

authentic success?

Get There, Love Here

Want to try before you bny?

Get There, Love Here

Want to try before you bny?

About the book

Are you striving for career success, but struggling to find work-life balance?

Are you driving hard towards each new deadline, but paying the price with your health, relationships and wellbeing?

In short, are you enjoying - or merely enduring - the journey?

If work feels like a relentless race, you’re following a route map to success that is fundamentally flawed. But there is another way – a kinder, more humane way – one that can help you achieve and contribute as much, if not more.

Get There, Love Here!

 is your alternative route map to success. It reveals the key shifts in mindset and strategy needed to escape the ‘success through sacrifice’ trap and set yourself up for a journey that is authentic, enjoyable and sustainable.

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“An original and authentically brilliant route map to success that connects the dots between loving life right now and manifesting your dream destination. Ready for adventure, discovery and delight? Buckle up and enjoy the ride!”

Mark Crossfield, coach and podcast host, Your Bravo Career

What can you expect from 'Get There, Love Here!' ?

Through an empowering combination of insight, practical guidance and inspiring personal stories, Master Coach Kate Trafford draws on over 20 years’ experience in personal and leadership development to help you:

It’s time to put your true self in the driving seat and transform the relentless race into your most authentic adventure.


“If the successful career you’ve been striving for feels more like a burden than a joyful opportunity, read this book and redefine success on your own terms.”

Eleanor Ball, Founder and Director, Graphic Structures

About the Author

Kate Trafford is a Master Coach, author and TEDx speaker

She has over 20 years’ experience helping business leaders and their teams drive for big results – and love the journey.

Kate specialises in designing and delivering bespoke Talent Development programmes for organisations wanting to support and accelerate the growth of their emerging leaders. She is an enthusiastic advocate of sustainable success, working to ensure her clients set themselves up for both significant impact in the short run and authentic happiness for the long haul.

In her early years as a coach, Kate became fascinated by the ways we unconsciously limit our own success and happiness. She discovered many little-known secrets of how to release this resistance – so progress can be both swift and enjoyable – qualifying along the way as a Master Hypnotherapist.


“Packed with profound insights and practical tools, this book unveils the route map to authentic success. It will help you become the person you really want to be, have the career you really want and stay true to yourself. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and love the journey.”

Kian Woodward, Commercial Director, Nuvia

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